HypnoSlimmer One-to-One Booking

The most effective way for hypnosis to work is, understandably, on a one-to-one basis. Come and see me at my home, relax, and let me take you through the programme; tailored for you and your mind, your cravings, your desires, your wants and even your fears.

We will cover the whole programme just like any other group would, but in one-to-one sessions we can really work closely with why you might have an antagonistic relationship with food. We can divert some of the sessions a little to resolve minor hitches, and even add sessions should they be needed where there are stubborn problems arising.

We can also take the opportunity to do the additional hypno gastric band in this type of session, without having to worry about interrupting the flow of the main program.

Hypno Gastric Band Licence<br /><br />
It is more intense this way, and as such can be very hard mental work for you, the client, but this is without doubt the most personal and tailored approach there is for HypnoSlimmer weight loss. For that reason it also comes with the greatest success rate.

So why not book now for a one-to-one session? Give me a call, or go to my shop and add the program to your cart. Don’t forget to keep that unique code from the shop, and bring it with you on that first session.