Training with Tania Prince

I was expanding my knowledge again at the weekend with the fun and expert Tania Prince. Tania is one of the few real EFT Masters trained by Gary Craig himself. Her knowledge on this subject is therefore extensive and her courses on this subject well worth attending. They are also fun!

This weekend however I was attending the Inner Re-patterning course, a system developed by Tania herself that boils down the essence of what enables you to get better from the many different things she is expert in, and boy does it work!

Unlike so many systems of healing Inner Re-patterning can take on and help with “whole life” problems, and patterns of behaviours that have stuck with you, despite trying for years. It can also deal with multiple problems at once and all in a way that does not even require you to opening discuss these feelings or even fully understand them yourself.

For this reason, as a technique, it can help with some really difficult and deep seated problems, the testing done so far by Tania and her students has shown movement even with conditions like severe depression, Bi-polar disease, autism and much more. It is also effective with procrastination, long term grief, anger, stress or Severe trauma.

The good news is it is fast and gentle. I will certainly be offering it to my clients from today on, where I believe the issue would take longer or be more difficult for the client to face with any other method.

So if you are interested in receiving this technique, give me a call. 0780 162 7870