Dear Reader,

Using Jeremy’s Service, wanttochange.me happened almost by accident for me. I wasn’t particularly looking for a way to lose weight – certainly not online- but one night I couldn’t sleep and Jeremy happened to tweet me. Call it fate, chance, whatever, but I ended up having a nosey at his website, read a few of the testimonials on there, thought it didn’t sound completely fake/illogical/ a rip off etc, so I asked for some details.

The consultation meeting/ session was really good, I was immediately at ease (odd for me), and Jeremy’s basis of Psychology appealed to me. So much made sense, and I’d never realised half of what I was being told before! All the way home I was thinking; “Maybe It isn’t this massive task I thought it was”, and, “what he just said really did make sense…wow!”

To be honest, I didn’t hold much faith in hypnosis – not for me personally anyway. I suppose I didn’t understand it, and always thought that people had to believe in “that kind of thing” for it to work, but then Jeremy explained how it works so I thought I’d give it a shot.
The results are amazing! My mindset is so totally and completely different now. I don’t think it’s pointless trying anymore, or that it’ll never happen, now I do the right thing without even realising it.

Before my first session, I tried to obey the rules that had been handed down in the consultation session, but now (even though at the time I was really please about it) I realise that is was conscious effort. Now, I obey the rules without having to think about it, it just happens!

To anyone who’s considering it, I’d say to them; go to a consultation with Jeremy with an open mind. It’s not all “cluck like a dog and bark like a chicken stuff” and although it might seem expensive, I’ve found it to be well worth the money. Jeremy gave me control over my life, probably for the first ever in my 29 years, and for that, I cannot thank him enough.

Try it to see what it can do for you, and what you can do for yourself!

Louise Hine.
Lady of Lochabaer


When I first decided to try hypnotherapy for weight loss, I had tried everything else and spent thousands of pounds and 2/3 of my life desperately searching for a solution to my weight problem.

Although the program seemed expensive at first, I realised compared to what I’d spent in the past (and weekly weigh-in fees!) it was cheap…as long as it worked. I was willing to give anything a go and booked my initial session with Jeremy. This was very detailed, did not just focus on my eating habits and left me feeling hopeful and excited that I might have finally found the answer.

I found all of the sessions very useful and, right from session one, my eating habits changed dramatically – I no longer keep eating until I feel sick and am able to recognise when I am truly hungry.

I have found this so easy compared to dieting as no food is banned – so I don’t feel deprived at all. People have started to comment both on my altered eating habits and on my changing size and shape. My clothes already feel much looser and (although weight loss isn’t everything) I lost 13lbs after four weeks!

Importantly for me, I also feel generally happier, calmer and more in control o f my life. I feel now like my future is whatever I want to make of it!


I didn’t know what to expect as I’d only ever seen hypnosis for entertainment, rather than therapy. It was explained thoroughly and clearly and all my initial worries were soon a thing of the past.

The Therapy has made me think very differently about food and the amount I ate as you learn to listen to your body and the sings and signals that tell you that you are either hungry or full.

The CD is good and it’s a useful tool for instilling what you should be doing.

The idea of body measurements rather than weight loss is good and its inspiring to see the numbers decreasing.

Getting out of the “diet mentality” is difficult but if you follow what the CD says and what you learn in your sessions it works. No food is forbidden; just listen to your body! However it is a good idea to eat healthily.
I’m looking forward to getting back in touch (as requested) with an update of my progress. This again is an extra incentive.

If you think its a lot of money to spend, just think about all the money you have already spent at Weight Watchers, Slimming World Etc. In the past I am sure it’s more than what the sessions cost; at least these make you realise that “a diet” is not the answer!


I came to see you because I was at the end of a road not knowing what else I could do! I became desperate to lose some weight (and even though I knew I wasn’t huge) I felt uncomfortable for me, my biggest problem feeling I had lost control!

Jeremy you gave me back my life and control more than I could ever imagined! I was totally amazed and still am!

When you told me what you could do I was sceptical but kept an open mind, I toyed so many times whether to come or not and I’m glad I did! I feel much better in myself and feel you have put me on the right road to getting my confidence back!

Basically Jeremy I could not repay you and it’s the best £250 I’ve ever spent!

Thanks a Million