Free Consultation, with Hypnosis!

Free Consultation

During your personal free consultation with me you get an unrushed full hour, at least, to tell me what is happening with you and why this is a problem.

I will take confidential notes and get you to fill out a brief form of basic contact details. Once I have an idea of the problem I will give you an idea if Hypnosis, (or any of my other techniques) can help you. Although I give resolutions times, these are estimates of time taken and are often longer than actual results so do not take them as cast in stone.

If that is a yes, and it often is, then I will test your openness and receptiveness  to hypnosis itself with me. This is often great fun and the first time people have felt real hypnosis.

It is my commitment to you that you will leave knowing you can work with me and that you have definitely been hypnotised. If you cannot be hypnotised, (yes it does happen), or I do not believe your money is going to be well spent with me then I will help you find alternative help.

All of this is absolutely free and without obligation so call 0780 162 7870 to book your time.