Special Offers

I am currently running two promotions;

Weight Loss for Ever!

If you are interested in the fabulous Hypnoslimmer programme then do call me to get more information. If when you book the Hypnoslimmer basic system you also book the Gastric Band session, you will get the MindGym CD absolutely free; saving you £20. Remember though you must have a BMI of over 30 and after your initial consultation we must both agree that the Gastric Band session is warranted. Start you road back to regular exercise, just quote the website offer when you meet me.

Remember to book just Call 0780 162 7870 or email jeremy@wanttochange.me


Quit Smoking intensive one to one.
If you have decided now is the time to finally stop the smoking habit then I can help. One single session really can make you a non smoker for life. I have a very high success rate you just have to be committed to really want to stop. Currently it is 25% off saving you £37.50. This single session was already economic sense alone but now it is just a no brainer with it paying for itself in a few short weeks! After the budget this means you will pay for this session in just three weeks, just imagine being off the habit and it really having cost you nothing after just a month! You really do have nothing to lose.

Guarantee with one of one session; If for any reason you go back to smoking within two weeks of seeing me you can come back and we will sort out why, repeat your session and get you back off the fags for free.

So if you want to stop an old habit right now, call me 0780 162 7870 or email jeremy@wanttochange.me to book yourself in for that initial free chat.