If something is not working then….

Einstein said the very definition of madness is to continue to do what you have always done and expect different results. Therefore, if something is not working, the only way to get a better result is for you to change.

All businesses use different ways to promote themselves and some work better than others. Some seem like they are the logical and best way to promote the good work that you do. Of course, however it may seem, if results are not forthcoming then you are wrong and you need to stop using whatever is not working. This has been the case for me with some of my methods.

Like many ordinary folk it has taken me a while to realise this, I should have adapted earlier perhaps, but I am human and like all of us sometimes we cannot see the habits we have formed right away. So changes are now being made and all is good but of course I am a therapist and we don’t just leave such thoughts alone. What other invisible habits do I have and what other limitations am I putting on myself. Some me work is definitely on the cards.

AND I am asking you the same question, what are you trying now for the umpteenth time that has not worked before and really you should not expect to work this time? Why are you expecting it to? Can you change? For me change is a natural state that I can embrace but for many it is frightening or difficult.

Just remember no one ever did anything new, special, or remarkable by repeating what they have always done. You are fabulous and will be strong enough. You have more help than you think. You can always call me!


I hope you are finding my articles of interest, if so please tell others, these words however simple may be the ones they need today.