MojoLife in a Day!

Today I attended the MojoLife in a day course. Run by Sarah Knowles and Andrew Thorp two of my closest business contacts and I hope people who consider me a friend. I have known both of them for a while now and consider them my most useful contacts who I would recommend to anyone for the skills they have.

MojoLife is an interesting organisation with a clear vision; helping people redefine their potential. They work with people who generally are stuck in career terms, or organisations with similarly unclear thought or understanding of self. They assist you in creating a clear vision of what you do and more importantly why.

So the six brave souls who attended the event spent the day soul searching, defining our reasons for getting out of bed, our deep down why and then even creating manifestos. As the day progressed unclear became clear, and it was a pleasure to see our little group take a step closer to understanding ourselves and our businesses. All the time helping each other to do so.

In the afternoon we spent time understanding how our new and clear visions (sic) could be broadcast to the world in a way that the world might care. This is clearly a skill (or skills) all by itself. So Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook and other social media was discussed as well more traditional networking and other methods. Most importantly which should you use and when.

All this was interspersed with exercises in storytelling and self discovery.

So was the day worth it? I believe so, but I will need a few days to really understand what I have actually gained. As is so often the case I could probably more clearly see the change in others than in myself. That I hope will come with reflection over the next few days. I do know that interesting times are ahead and MojoLife are going to feature in them again.

Should you wish to find out more please do visit their website here – or email me and simply ask. They run events of all kinds of length and subjects. They are also running “after five” events that are a combination of networking and presentation style education of skills sets by invited experts. I think by now you may get the impression that I am a fan.