Personal Coaching

If you are perhaps a little bit lost and are in need of an ear or sounding board, simply to get help getting your life back on track or get the very best from yourself then maybe coaching is for you.

I am a non Directive Coach, this means I do not advise you of my opinion, more I help you find your own answers, find your own path. This method is really just a very well structured chat but it is very effective at finding you the right things to do right now. You will come away from these sessions with an idea of what to do next and a greater understanding of your goals.

Coaching can be given for a specific area in your life; home, work, love, money etc or can be more general and cover all of these areas, normally concentrating on the area you wish to look at most.

Should you choose to pursue this method with me however you should recognise that most coaching relationships are long term with meetings once a month that tend to go on for months and even years sometimes. This is entirely in your control not mine but I believe in honesty in all things.

If, however, getting the very best from yourself excites you then give me a call on 0780 162 7870 and we can start the work right away.

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