Inner-Repatterning is a new technique developed by Tania Prince. Tania is one of the few real EFT Masters trained by Gary Craig himself and has been practicing in this area for many years now.

The technique itself is the simplest and gentlest of all the methods I use. Using peripheral vision, tapping and breathing techniques we relax your conscious mind to point where it “goes into neutral”. Not really a trance state like hypnosis more an on holiday or back in five minutes kind of place.

This allows the client to bring emotions gently forward, BUT before they are really experienced, Inner-Repatterning disconnects them from you in such a way that you don’t get upset or have to relive any trauma again.

Then you gently move unwanted feelings outside yourself, all the time remaining calm and quiet.

Sounds a little strange? Fair enough. Does it work? Boy does it.

If you have a complex emotional problem, where you feeling are bound up in multiple areas of your life and would not even know where to start. This is the technique for you.

Of course we would decide that in your free initial consultation. All you need to do is be brave just that once and call me 0780 162 7870 or email me to book that in.