Understanding your nature

With most business people in full on panic with the accounts being filed right now it occurs to me that you need to know your essential nature and play to your strengths. Understanding your nature can not only help you be happier but also help you understand what kind of job you should be doing or not in the first place.

So although there are a number of ways of understanding how we work best I would like to look at the Goal centred/ Risk averse scale today.

In any given situation or task we are motivated on a sliding scale either by dividing a job into little pieces and setting goals for each and an overall task OR by the threat of punishment of some form for NOT doing the task at hand.

Those that set tasks are Goal centred and those that avoid threats are risk averse. The more to one end the scale you are the more extreme your nature will be in this regard.

So we all know the type that has lists of lists and knows exactly how much work to do today so that their thesis is written with exactly two weeks to spare, totally goal centred.

We also all know the panicked all nighters types who try to write fifty thousand words in 24hours, risk averse.

The important thing to know is that neither is Good or Bad. We may in some regards wish we were like the other type on occasion, (more  organised, more spontaneous). We are not though and we should be looking to fit a square peg into a square hole wherever possible.

So when you go for your next job interview, look for what suits your nature. It really will make you happier and your boss too! Employers try to get someone who will fit your job requirements and if you don’t know how then profile it AND your prospects using the above scales. If you want to know more then give me a call.

THAT SAID. Extreme aversion to work and total lack of motivation is something else altogether and can be likely be treated in one way or another, To find out this is something I can help with then why not book a free consultation?