Weight Control

Yes you can change your weight!

Yes it can be easy,  and without guilt.

Yes you can control food cravings and get off the chocolate or cheese or fast food.

Yes you can be in control of what you eat, at last. Weight Control not dieting.

All this and more can be achieved with you in just four weeks through the proven and very popular Hypnoslimmer system. A system that has changed the lives of lots of people so far and you can be one of them.

If you follow this simple four week hypnosis program then rather than fighting your own desire to eat too much, you will WANT to eat the right amount everyday to move you to your ideal weight.

No fuss, no hunger, no effort, no cravings, no points, no colours, no clubs, no weigh-ins, no failure, AND definitely NO scales!

Doesn’t that sound better than the punishment that is dieting, followed by the inevitable failure that follows?

What is more you will only have to do this ONCE and then you are set. This changes the way you feel about food and that change can be permanent. Just like any new habit.

We do this by using all of the most modern techniques available to us from hypnosis and EFT, but you don’t need to worry, just turn up, listen to a CD every day and follow 9 simple rules for four weeks. That is it. (Oh and none of those rules are about what you can’t eat).

So how can you go about this?

You can choose to come and see me on a one to one basis, your initial consultation is absolutely free and without obligation so you have nothing to lose. Just call me on 0780 162 7870.

You and a friend can come together. it is slightly cheaper but you will still get personal treatment. again your initial consultations are free.

You can run a party in your house with 4 or more of your friends. I will come to you (within reason) and help everyone at the same time!

You can join a group at one of my larger venues, just email your details expressing your interest and I will send you the next venue times and dates.

Whatever your chosen method you will need to meet me and be sure you are totally comfortable with both me and the system. I always offer an initial free consultation and at that time will answer all the questions you may have. I will also take that time to cover a quick questionnaire so I can tailor your future therapy just for you. This way we have the very greatest chance of success.

The effectiveness of any of these methods is over 80% success rate on average but the nearer we are to one to one the greater the success will be because the programme is simply more personal.  By far the most popular method is to come and see me on a one to one basis for that reason alone.


The hypnoslimmer system also has some optional addons that will be offered to you during your initial consultation. Currently they are

The Hypnotic Gastric Band Session, a booster session designed to kick start your weight change.

The MindGym – Think of this as “exercise in a can” –  hypnotic exercise but with real physical results for your body. Great for those who can’t and those who won’t!


Prices for all the different methods and addons can be found here.

If you are a long way outside the Manchester area and still interested, then visit the main HypnoSlimmer site to check for a local therapist who can help.