Stage Fright

Uncontrollable nerves?
Cold sweats?

Performance and Stage Fear can sometimes be an enabling emotion, that makes you perform better than without it, but sometimes it can cripple you before you even start.

If you suffer from anxiety for any kind of performance or presentation, then I can help you. With me, and EFT, Emotional Freedom Technique, we can reduce your fear to manageable levels but not remove them, keeping just enough to ensure your performance is still heightened.

The good news is that EFT is a permanent change to your reaction to these conditions. If we properly identify all the fears you have associated with presenting, or performing, then there is no reason why you should ever feel nervous about it again.

Sound good? Why not give me a call on 0780 162 7870 to discuss it. I can help with this either at my home, or in situ if you prefer.