Self Limitation and Sabotage

It is surprisingly common for people to develop patterns of self limitation, or even sabotage, as a result of early life experience.

Siblings, parents, and friends can create enormous pressures on you, unintentionally.  These can result in your coping mechanisms being less than ideal. These patterns can appear in your work, or personal life, and even in the way you seek, and treat, your life partners.

Do you have a feeling of extremely low self worth, or lack belief in yourself?   Maybe you have a pattern of almost succeeding, but just when it all seems to be coming good, for no logical reason it all goes sour very fast?   Perhaps you just feel like you are plodding along, or dragging an anchor with you.  The reasons for this may be rooted in a completely different part of your life, and can be virtually impossible to spot without an outside perspective.

So, would you like to deal with these feelings?   Get rid of them once and for all?  Would you like to know you are worthwhile, and that the projects you attempt have no limits on their potential for success?

If any of the above sounds horribly familiar, give me a call.  A combination of personal coaching, and hypnotherapy, can help you change your life for the better.  Set yourself goals, and know that you can achieve them, with me to help you.