Pain Reduction and Pain Management

Constant pain can be the most debilitating thing in anyone’s life. Believe me I know. After a serious back issue some years ago I really do empathise.

EFT can help reduce many kinds of pain, but in particular is very effective for those pains where the doctors are not sure why you have them, or where there is little else that can be done by the doctors for your condition, leaving you with chronic long-term pain to deal with.

Should you choose to see me regarding this kind of issue, then I will not only teach you EFT and attempt through it to reduce your pain levels, but will also ensure that you leave with the ability to use EFT on yourself from that day onward. Of course I am happy to keep seeing you if I am helping, but I want to empower you to help yourself too. This is the most effective resolution of long-term pain.

I can also, by agreement, use hypnotherapy techniques to reduce your overall sensitivity to pain, and even turn off some. These techniques however must be done with clear understanding of why you have the pain in the first place. I cannot turn off pain that is unexplained (for obvious reasons) and will not do so.

If this work is of interest to you, then please do give me a call on 0780 162 7870 to arrange your first consultation with me.