Inner Child

Either used as a therapy by mutual agreement or, if you wish, you can choose to pursue this therapy specifically. It is a wonderful, uplifting and potentially life-changing set of therapies.

Performed over four sessions with me you will meet, and welcome back into your life the four wounded children of your past. Reintegrating them back into your present will enable you to be free, independent, content, and happy whether alone, or in a relationship.

You MUST however do all four sessions, and there are several rules associated with doing the Inner Child work too. However this is a beautiful, fun, emotional and uplifting journey. You will cry, you will laugh, you will play, and you may even dance; I am not entirely sure. But when your children are back with you, then you will be free to feel whole, content, and happier than ever before. What better way to get rid of old habits and circular destructive issues in your life and start a fresh new day?

For those with big issues in your past, visiting them during these sessions is not compulsory; I certainly will not be forcing you to do anything you do not wish to. The braver you are, the more you are likely to get from this, however if you wish to start this work in a more superficial way, then that can happen, and we can work on a longer term program to address harder issues if you wish to later.

So don’t be afraid, be brave; if not for you, then for the child you left behind many years ago.