Creating Good Habits

If you have had a problem for a long time you probably feel justified in thinking that it will not go away easily. That makes sense, after all if it did then you would have done so by now, Right?

Well, not precisely. Habits good and bad are formed at anytime in our life and can take only a few moments to form. Once there our mind sees no reason to change them without the right motivation or tool being applied to that habit.

You can think of the habit as an irresistible wave that passes through you every time certain things happen or you see certain things.

see a spider, wave of fear.

see chocolate, wave of greed.

Finish a pint, wave of desire to smoke.

see your wife being cheeky, wave of violence.

AND the thing is they are all the same, every single one of them, to your internal mind. You will not be able to avoid the wave because the trigger has happened and the habit is programmed into you.

BUT this can change and easily and quickly.

Ever heard of women who don’t smoke while they are pregnant? They have a strong motivation.

Ever heard of people quitting with hypnosis? This is the right tool.

Simply put, Hypnosis provides you with a different more desirable wave. So all of a sudden things are very different

see a spider, wave of positive feeling for the little fella keeping flies out of your house.

See Chocolate, wave that decides if you are hungry enough to warrant it or not.

Finish a pint, wave of satisfaction.

See your wife being cheeky, Wave of love and humour.

And this can happen, fast and effectively for you. To book a consultation please contact me or call me on 0780 162 7870.