Assistance for the Legal Profession

Family lawyers, Criminal lawyers, and many other types of lawyer often have great difficulty getting the best information from some clients. They are so emotional when it comes to discussing the facts of their case that a one hour consultation can be 45 minutes of tears and heartache, and only 15 minutes of information with which to build a case.

I sympathise, believe me, for both of you, and I can help you both too. EFT, Emotional Freedom Technique can rapidly reduce the strong emotional reaction a client is feeling, giving them the freedom to be clearer when providing you with the facts you need to represent them. Moreover I can also attend court with your client, and use EFT again to ensure that nerves and emotion do not get the better of them on the big day. This will provide them with the very best chance to represent themselves in their best possible light, both up to and in court, increasing your chances of a successful conclusion.

I am willing to sign an NDA, to come to your offices and to attend court to assist your clients. Obviously someone will have to cover my fees and expenses, but I am willing to discuss this with you well in advance of any case you may wish to involve me in.

If this is of interest to your practice, then why not give me a call on 0780 162 7870. You never know, EFT may just give your client the freedom to tell you exactly the piece of information you need to hear in order to win that big case.