I use anything that works fast. I prefer Remedial Hypnosis. I do not want you in “therapy” for weeks, months or god help us years. I want to change your life, NOW. So you can have one. Treatments are therefore focussed on you and your goals.

I know how slow some approaches can be, but for me this is simple…

You have a habit or feeling you don’t want       OR

You don’t have a habit or feeling you do want.

I will help you remove what you don’t want and gain what you do. So that here and now you feel like you want to and behave like you want to. Sound simple? Easy? well it is! That is why I use Hypnosis and not therapy.

After all, ask yourself this. If you really genuinely feel the way you want to everyday and behave the way you want to everyday, do you care why you didn’t anymore?

The great thing about Hypnosis is, I don’t need to know the detail of what is wrong, even you don’t! It can be just a feeling. Also I am not going to regress you to “that time” or awaken anything. I am just going to make you feel better and behave better!

Now for some Hypnosis does not work well, If in our Complementary session we work that out you have a choice. see someone else, or try some of the other techniques I use. they are also the fastest things I can find that don’t use Hypnosis. So all hope is not lost.

Chinosis a meridian technique; Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) that can assist greatly with fears, phobias and simple emotional problems and Personal Coaching  for motivation to really change your life. Each of these areas is covered in more detail if you follow the appropriate link.

If you wish I can also do traditional Hypnotherapy  with specialisms in weight loss, smoking cessation and Eating disorders