The Dreaded Driving Test

Occasionally I see someone who is failing their driving test, not because they can’t drive but because they can’t perform. This can be resolved if you understand why it happens.

You see your driving test is a false situation. After you have passed your test, you will never be scrutinised and criticised for your driving in this way ever again. The cost of lessons and the test puts further pressure on you and so you MUST perform, there and then or fail, there and then.

It is almost exactly the same kind of pressures felt by stage actors, with many of the same symptoms. Cold sweats, loss of memory, erratic behaviour, dread of the situation, fear, vomiting, shaking legs or arms, loss of concentration and most importantly a total lack of confidence in the abilities you definitely already have.

Using EFT and Hypnotic visualisation can reduce the symptoms to nil or virtually so and build back your confidence to the kind of levels needed to get you through this test of your nerves. You may even enjoy it! This really does work and I have had success not only with clients in the UK but also in Holland where if you fail 5 times you NEVER get a licence. Imagine the pressure that creates!

So don’t suffer, don’t keep facing your fears, that does not work and does not help, find a solution instead. So that you can go and pass your Driving Test without any more worries or cost.

As ever I value your comments, if you are interested in this treatment then one or two sessions are normally enough, preferably close your test, give me a call on 0780 162 7870 to book that time or just to chat.