Resisting Hypnosis

When you are a Remedial hypnotist your motivation and goal is to help the person to feel better and behave differently. So when you see resistance to your work, it is an odd thing.

After all why would someone resist the cure? Totally illogical you would think, but there are a lot of reasons why you might be reluctant to hypnosis and its wonderful benefits.

First lets cover the old chestnut. NO, not everyone can be cured. I have seen some of the best hypnotists in the world and even some of them are totally or nearly totally resistant to hypnosis. On average 20% of the population is so hard to put under as to make them practically a waste of everyone’s time, especially theirs. Don’t worry though after our first free meeting you will know this and can seek alternative methods, maybe with me, maybe elsewhere.

Next there are those that “don’t believe in it”. There will be a huge overlap with the first group, but here I totally respect your right not to. Be well, and seek alternative methods of help. No problem. Of course I don’t see these people, ever really. Why would I?

Next there are those that really want it to work, but won’t let it. This is usually fear and concern about the hypnosis itself and what I am able to do whilst you are “under”. They will out of fear be resisting the entire time, and trust is definitely needed. An awful lot of gumph is talked about the hypnotic state and what level of power is actually held over the subject. Most of it from the professional community for all kinds of reasons. The bottom line is, hypnosis is DEFINED, in part, by the fact that the subject accepts suggestions, so if they are resisting we don’t have hypnosis and we won’t get results.

Think about this for a moment though. This should not worry you. You have come to me to affect a change in your life. You WANT me to have the ability to CHANGE you. If I can’t why are you seeing me? If you don’t trust me to do only what you are paying for, and to do that well, then don’t come, see someone you do trust. I run a free consultation so you can work that bit out.

So when it comes to the moment that I am hypnotising you, you should be keen, looking forward to the change and the new life you will live as a result. No fear of what might happen, because you have chosen your hypnotist well and you both know what you want.