Questions, Questions!


Probably the single biggest question I get in my free consultations is, “What does Hypnosis feel like?” I Love this question as it gives me the opportunity to show you, not just talk about it, and prove that you will really gain benefit from our time together.

This is why all of my consultations include the experience of hypnosis, AND you will absolutely know you have been under, without any doubt at all, because I will prove it to you. How many hypnotherapists say that?

Don’t you think they should?

After all without hypnosis what are we doing except nice and relaxing counselling?

So if you are wondering about who to go and see to help you change your habit, ask them, “Will you show me hypnosis?” Its only fair, it is what you are paying for.

The questions change a little, when I more casually meet people in social situations, can you hypnotise me? Will you make me cluck like a chicken? Should I not look in your eyes?

I am not sure what they are expecting me to say…no, I am totally useless and am just playing at this. I do not take the value of your mind at all seriously but I will give it a go, come over here!

OF course I can, and fast too, and YES I can make you cluck like a chicken if you really want to. Do you? Or would you rather make a change for the better, I know I would.

Mind you, they are right about my eyes, don’t look in my eyes, you never know!