Our Parents influence on us

Today I went to see the most excellent Coriolanus. As ever this got me thinking in this case about how much our parents can shape us, for good and ill. For those that don’t know this is a modern take on Shakespeare’s last tragedy. Without giving too much away the main character is very much a product of his mothers desires and making. It makes him both great and yet unyielding when the need arises. Our Parents Influence is probably the greatest one in our lives, even when they aren’t there.

I have seen my fair share of this, and on a thoughtful day, will admit to some of my own! We cannot help but formed by our most influential figures in our lives; Mum and Dad. Love them, hate them, speak to them every day, or never, visit them all the time or never, they still influence our minds and our decisions. Most of the time this is fine, good stuff predominates and the bad stuff is no sweat really.

IF the balance changes though it can really upset how you look at life in virtually everyway. THIS CAN BE CHANGED though. Careful and considered use of hypnosis and EFT can reduce our parents influence of ill considered words and actions. When this is done well it can change your whole outlook on life for the better.

So I would strongly recommend Coriolanus, it is a strong play, albeit pretty dark and heavy throughout. It is window into a world and life we can only thank chance we are not living, and of course I would recommend that you consider removing a few of greatest negative influences in you head as well!