Your Free Consultation

Do you think you have a problem you would like to change? Not sure.

Are you worried about me, hypnosis, costs, how long this is going to take. Whether you can even change anymore?


These and hundreds of other questions run around the head of people I see every day. They are normal and I really don’t bite. If you are in doubt just give me a call to see.

Your free consultation with me is just exactly that, FREE. Totally and completely.

You will get 90 minutes of my time to discuss everything you want to and ask all the questions you want to, FREE.

I will not PUSH you into anything at all. I will simply ask you at the end of the consultation if you want to use my skills to help you. if you say no, no problem. If you say yes, cool.

Please turn up or call me, I hate sitting waiting for someone who has changed their mind. I understand, but let me know.

During your consultation I will ask you fill our a short form or two. They will help me understand where you are right now and I will ask you about how you feel. All I ask is that you are as honest as you are able to be with me. As you trust me that will become more and more.

I will NEVER judge you for anything you have done or thought. However bad you think it is I will not judge you for it.

My job is to help you be in a better place, so I might ask if your behaviours serve you. IE do they help you be a better, happier person. If not then you know what you want to change. If you choose to take that journey with me then cool.

I will try to estimate the length of treatment. This is hard but I give it a go based on my experience. However if you are fixed early, fantastic. I will be only too pleased to see you go on your way and live a happier and fuller life.

I NEVER take money without cause, if what I do is not working for you or you are all done I will stop treating you. You get to say stop anytime you like.


So you really do have nothing to lose. Call me today, now 0780 162 7870 and change your life for the better. You only have 90 minutes to lose! If you can’t do that then email me and I will call you.

If you have a friend in need then please do pass on these details. They might just thank you.