Hypnotherapy is a recognised form of treatment which uses sleep-like states to allow the therapist to talk more directly with the subconscious mind. I am a qualified Hypnotherapist practicing out of Manchester UK registered with the General Hypnotherapy Standards Council.

The subconscious mind is always on, always protecting the part of the mind that builds patterns of behaviours to protect you from harm. Sometimes, however, those patterns can be unhelpful after a little while; for example with smoking.

Because the subconscious mind is always applying these protective methods, they can be very difficult to contradict consciously. This is why giving up a habit can seem so hard. You make the effort for 23 hours of the day, then let your self-control slip for just one hour, and the subconscious mind immediately feeds you the old pattern, it “knows” you need. This should sound familiar to anyone who has ever “tried” to “give up” smoking.

A skilled Hypnotherapist re-educates the subconscious mind to make better decisions, ones that are more appropriate to your needs and desires now. This gives you the freedom to move in the direction you wish to move, unshackled by habitual thought processes. In short, allowing you to set new (more appropriate) goals in your life; that your subconscious mind supports you in achieving all day, every day.

How? Well, first of all relax; I am not going to make you cluck like a chicken. In fact, I can’t do that. No Hypnotherapist can, and here is why:

Hypnotherapy is a technique where the client (you) allows the therapist (hopefully me) to relax you so that I may talk directly to your subconscious mind. However you will be always aware enough to veto anything I say. If you don’t like what is being suggested, then you won’t do it. It is that simple. So if I tell you to kiss the milkman next time you see him, you will only do this if you fancied him in the first place!

What this means is that much of hypnotherapy is about positive change, new states of being, and places you want to be now. This means it feels great, and you will feel great after it.

That is not to say it isn’t effective, far from it in fact. Many significant problems can be dealt with very quickly by a good Hypnotherapist. I would normally suggest between 4 and 6 sessions for most problems. After that it has either worked, or you are not going to get what you want from it, and may want to seek a different kind of assistance. Of course, I would discuss this with you at all stages, and offer you the most relevant options every time.

So, what can be dealt with by hypnotherapy? Well, it has to be “of the mind”. So, for example, a broken arm cannot be fixed by hypnotherapy. However the mind does control the body, so once it has been properly set that arm could perhaps heal faster, and with less pain, via hypnosis.

The more common problems dealt with by hypnotherapy are, of course, psychosomatic. I do not intend to give you a full and complete list but some of the more common complaints would be; IBS, fears, phobias, bad habits, addictions, irrational behaviours, anger, confidence issues, impotence, panic attacks, and unwanted reactions to people or situations.

I also specialise in smoking cessation, sports performance issues, and weight loss.

In addition to removing negative influences in your life, hypnosis offers additional positive change. Hypnotherapy can help to improve performance in the sports arenas; we can do past life regressions, inner child work, ego boosting, assistance with presentation confidence, and other positive self work too. It is marvellous work, and great fun, to bring about a positive change instead of just removing an unwanted behaviour.

There are also the more experimental areas of breast enlargement, and other physical changes via hypnotherapy, which seem to be bringing about real physical change. This requires intense work, but it is less risky (and much cheaper!) than the surgical alternative.

Really the question is: do you feel hypnosis can help you?

If your condition is not listed, don’t worry. If you think it might help, then call me on 0780 162 7870 and discuss it; I can soon tell you yes or no. If the answer is yes, then I may invite you for a free consultation so you can discuss it in detail on a one on one basis. You never know, it may be the best thing you ever did!

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