Life Changing Case Study

Life Changing Case Study.

In my work as a Coach and Hypnotist it is my pleasure to work with people for positive reasons: bringing confidence or assisting with a step forward in life.

Mekhala was one of those people.

After passing her degree in Biochemistry with a good 2.1 Honours she found herself for various reasons not pursuing her chosen career and love of science. A loss of confidence in herself, and some personal body confidence issues, left her instead working at a simple administration job that was significantly beneath her talents.  Despite the fact that she had won an award at college for her dissertation, and brought extra funding into the university, somehow she had forgotten how good she was at Biochemistry and how much she loved it.

So for two years she had failed to apply for any appropriate positions.

When she came to me Mekhala needed some guidance and confidence. After work on her weight, (her choice), her confidence and her presentation skills she was able to apply for and get a Masters position at Manchester University, fully funded. This was the first position she applied for.

However the story does not stop there. The preparation we did together was so impressive that the university invited her to also interview for a PhD position, again fully funded. Mekhala was so nervous she would undoubtedly have failed this interview. In fact, she cried for 24 hours out of a fear of failure. This was all too important! I was able to intervene again with hypnosis and calm her down prior to the interview and assist with her preparation.

I am pleased to say that Mekhala has now accepted a fully funded PhD position in Biochemistry at Manchester University. I was able to help her show her potential in CV, interview and presentations. I gave her confidence to ensure that happened, refined her presentations to make sure they displayed her at her best and assisted her with personal changes that although ongoing assisted with all of the above.

In Mekhala’s own words…

4 months ago I found myself in a rut.  Unhappy with my job, I didn’t think I was clever enough to succeed in my chosen field in the Life Sciences, despite graduating with honours and winning a prize.  After meeting Jeremy, my confidence soared quite instantaneously. 

How quickly things can change….

My life has done a complete 180 since meeting Jeremy, he is capable of helping anyone achieve great things.  He empowers people.  He helped me to see just what I am capable of and gave me the tools needed to be a success.  Before I met him, I was stuck in a dead end job with no motivation to change, no confidence to make things happen.   Now I am well on my way to achieving a healthy shape and size in my body, I have body image confidence and complete confidence in my ability as a scientist.

Thank you Jeremy.  I will certainly recommend your company to anyone who is in need of you.