I can’t afford you, now what?

poundsI am not the cheapest Hypnotist in the area, or the country, by any means, neither am I the most expensive. I believe my prices are fair and that I provide a good resolution to most of my clients rapidly and provide value for money as a result.  Whatever I charge there will always be those who cannot afford to see me and yet need assistance of some kind. What if anything can they do?

I am a full time committed change hypnotist. It is my vocation as well as my occupation. As such I like to provide a certain catch netting to those who cannot afford me ordinarily. If this is you, read on.

Come to your free session. It really is free and gratis, for nothing and totally without commitment. Even if you can’t afford me, come anyway. You may not be susceptible to hypnosis and I will test you for that. You may be really good at it. You may suit other therapies more. We can discuss your condition and likely time scales as well as other options than me. Use this free session, REALLY. If it is still, “I want this but I can’t afford you” then…

You could try the cheaper hypnotherapists out there. There is a good chance they could help you, but be careful. Make sure they are fully insured, professionally qualified and a member of a professional governing body like the GHR. If they are not all of these, don’t see them. Try to avoid people who are not full time dedicated hypnotists too. They should be committed to bringing change to peoples lives, Yours included. Not just doing this to make a little extra money on the side. This commitment really does make difference to how they approach your sessions.

You could try using EFT on yourself. It is free to learn and use and can bring about remarkable results. Also you can’t do any harm with it, so it really is worth a try. If used daily it can be thought of as a kind of gym for the mind to bring it back into shape. the manual is free and can be found at www.emofree.com

Book several sessions in advance. By committing to and paying for several sessions in advance you get a discount! this can also accelerate your change, commitment on your part really helps. Any unneeded funds will be refunded if you are fixed early!

Bring a friend. Some therapies, in particular weight control and gastric bands can be done two at a time and the sessions are cheaper that way for each of you.

Recommend a friend. I still pay £20 cash for every single person who books in with me, for even a single paying session, to the person who recommended they come. There are no limits to this offer. Bring 50 friends who work with me and I will give you £1000 either in your own treatment or cash.

Speak to your doctor. I know this sounds radical but they do have some options. Ask them for hypnosis. The more of you that ask the more likely it is that they will seek a good local hypnotist to recommend. This change may be slow but only if you ask.

Take your meds, if they don’t work, go back to your GP. especially if you are taking antidepressants. most only have a 60% chance of working for any single person, so if they don’t work after 2-4 weeks speak to your GP about changing them or the dosage. Stick with it. Nearly everyone eventually finds a medication that works in the end. DO NOT STOP taking them. This will make you feel absolutely awful.

Read this book. “Clinical Depression, The curse of the strong” by Dr Tim Cantopher. If depression is your problem I will be telling you to read this book, EVEN if I help you. It is a, “how to get better” guide. Not a how to live with it guide. I cannot recommend it enough it brings real hope where often there is none.

As a last option, if you are in great need and money is the only barrier to you getting help, then talk to me. After all this should not prevent you from the change you need. You can always tell the world about how fantastic I was when you are better. Pay me what you can afford to, and if you can, make it up later.

NB; Please only ask if this is absolutely the case. This is my living too, and I won’t be here long if everyone wants me to reduce my prices just because they want to pay less. If I get the impression you are doing so then I will end our sessions immediately. I don’t need your life story but equally turning up in a £100k Mercedes and asking for a discount is not going to wash. (really, it has happened). Remember, I will be taking a case history and hypnotising you, so lying to me is difficult.