Hypnotherapy on the NHS

file000303654817I have long advocated the idea that many treatments that I do routinely should be available through the NHS. Not only would this reduce the suffering of patients as a whole and bring about better treatment but most importantly it is simple economics.

Most of the more practical NHS treatments for common problems dealt with by Hypnotherapists, such as smoking, weight control, gastric band surgery, IBS and many others, are in fact very expensive. Hypnotherapy is not and success rates are generally high. NHS treatments generally involve medication and surgery, Hypnosis does not.

So this article does not surprise me at all. The only frustration is that when talking to GPs and their practice managers the story seems very different indeed. I simply do not understand why the NHS does not have a policy of try hypnosis first, the few that this does not work for would be much cheaper to deal with and take a lot of stain off the overworked system and finances of the NHS EVEN if they were paying for the Hypnotherapists.

So does your GP advocate hypnotherapy or EFT? Do you want them to? I would love to know your thoughts on this.