Participation Statement

Currently all fees should be paid to me at the beginning of each session in either cash or cheque, alternatively you can pay in advance through my online shop. If you do this then please bring with you the receipt for this. I cannot currently accept any other payment methods.

Any appointment can be cancelled up to 24 hours in advance, but after that the full fee is due for payment.

My success rate is excellent, but as with any form of therapy there are no absolute guarantees. It is understood that, whilst every effort will be made to bring you relief from the conditions we discuss, the fees charged are for my time and that effort, and not the results you are hoping for.

Initial consultations will never involve any therapy, but only a discussion of case history. These are always free of charge, and if at the end of this session you do not wish to pursue therapy with me, or even at all, then there is no obligation to do so.

All records kept by me are considered the equivalent of private medical records, and will be treated in all respects as such. Therefore, no discussion will entered into with any third party regarding any aspect of treatment. Confidentiality is respected at all times, and I make every effort to maintain this with my records also. The only exceptions being where a court order exists to enforce such a discussion or a medical representative who has jurisdiction over the patient directly requests relevant information.

It will be my intention to keep all such records on a computer. As such it is understood by all patients that they agree to such records being stored in such a way, and that the personal information necessary for the pursuance of treatment shall be stored with those records, including any such contact details as is deemed necessary by the therapist.

I comply fully with the data protection act of 1998 in regards the storage of these records, and access to anything stored in your name can be produced by me for a reasonable administration fee.

A second set of records will be kept separately on computer for the use of promotion of the functions and services of the company Want to Change. This record will not be connected to the medical record database, and the option to be in this database is entirely discretionary. Although this data technically does not need to comply with the Data Protection Act, I deal with it at the same levels of security and sensitivity as any other information I have about you.

I never knowingly pass any of your details on to any other third party.