Eating Disorder resolved in just three weeks!

Today I, and my client are on a high. I got to ask , “Do you need me anymore?” and she got to say , “No!”


Now this happens all the time for me, I am pleased to say, but the difference this time was that this client was in a very painful place only three weeks ago. The turnaround has been remarkable and so fast we are both pleasantly shocked.

So no names but, this lady came to me with a problem with laxative abuse of over 30 a day and anorexia. For those that don’t know this is not uncommon and the thoughts around this area are usually but not exclusively about controlling at least this area of life, often much more. Eating disorders are rarely just about food.

After my usual free initial consultation I projected time-scales for her as usual. 8-12 weeks minimum to see any movement with this type of condition and we would go nice a slow at her pace. All was well and she agreed to the treatment and commitment of the time.

After an initial session of EFT however we started to see movement in only week one! She was feeling a little better about herself and could “see the day” when laxatives would no longer be part of her life. After the first Inner-Repatterning session everything changed though.

She returned on Week three a different lady. Clothes changed, all smiles and for the first time saying she felt “great”. A sensation that to her had not really happened for many years. We finished the third session with the question above, “Do you need me anymore?” We are of course in touch and I am looking forward to her testimonial so that I can post it here.  (Nothing has changed Since, she is still on top of the world)

When I am your therapist I am totally committed to your well being, not taking your money. If I project 12 weeks and your fixed in three I am the first to celebrate with and for you. Of course I would love you to tell your friends, they deserve a break too!

So if you want to talk to me about anything at all but especially the issues raised around eating disorders, anorexia, or body dismorphia then give me a call, book your free hour with me. I promise you I will never judge or push you into anything you don’t want and I might just help you be the person you always wanted to be!