Anger in Relationships

There is nothing more destructive to a relationship than a brooding anger in one or even both partners. It creates a divide that may not have been there before and a barrier to pulling together against the common problem, whatever that might be. Eventually it will totally destroy any feelings you have for each other.

It has been my privilege to assist a few people who have found themselves in difficult times in their relationships. They have come to see me and been brave enough to be totally honest with where they are, what they have done and how they feel about it. Some have been to very dark places. All felt pretty bad.

For many of these people the anger they felt was a learnt habit, just like any other, taught to them by a parent or other influential people in their life. Reinforced by years of bad behaviour around them or by them, it was a ticking bomb waiting to go off. Something had to give and no one was happy.

All are now in a better place than when they first came to see me. Most are now still with their partners and I am pleased to say no longer have that underlying anger. This can change for the better and quicker than you think, but you really do need to want this one to change.

So if you want that monkey off your back. If you are ready to talk to me, honestly, about all the things you feel and have done, if you really want to change how you feel and behave. If you want a relationship based on fun and joy, not anger and fear; call me up and book in to chat. I will not shy away from the hard questions but I will never, ever judge you for what you are or have done.

This will not be easy work but it will change your life.