Where am I?

Hypnotherapy Manchester - Want to ChangeWant to Change is an Oldham based Hypnotherapy practice run and owned by Jeremy Cobb. Currently the practice is run from his home near Alexandra Park, but we do, by arrangement, also visit clients in their residences where appropriate. The ethic of the practice is to effect positive change in the people who come into contact with its therapists.

Please be aware that we will never knowingly give unnecessary treatment. If you are fixed we will be the first to celebrate with you, and will be happy if we never have to see you again! We truly believe this is the only honest way to deal with people in a healing environment.

Of course we want to make a living but always as a result of bringing about positive change in the lives of the people we treat by whatever method is chosen. So whilst we expect most treatments to be around 4 to 6 sessions if you are fixed in one that’s great! If it takes eight then it’s still fantastic that you are better, we just wish it had been sooner.